Inspired by a challenge, empowered by technology .The idea behind the new DONATELLO MC cartridge was to engineer the best sounding cartridge with solid machined aluminium body, light enough to be handled by every tone-arms. The results exceeded expectations.After two years of continuous research, here is DONATELLO: a sophisticated, computer designed body made of machined aluminium. Weighing only 7gram, it's perfectly damped and firmly blocked to help the cantilever achieve the best tracking.DONATELLO's ultra rigid cantilever handles a high precision Micro Elliptical diamond exclusively developed in collaboration with Adamant-Namiki and designed for top audio performance.As our flagship cartridges, Donatello's diamond tip is mechanically inserted and blocked into a long, stiffened aluminium cantilever, handled in a special titanium telescopic pipe to increase structural rigidity.There's more: like our top models, DONATELLO features long gold-plated pin connectors designed to connect perfectly with arm cinches, reducing energy dispersion and improving grounding for an ideal music background that will let you enjoy even the smaller details in your music
DONATELLO Series feature high internal impedance levels, so that they can be easily matched with any active phono preamp MM and even correctly set-up MC ones, without the need of any Step-Up transformer .
      DONATELLO  * RED *     

    MC High Output Phono Cartridge  1,8 mV
    Frequency response: 10-35000Hz
    Impedance: 140Ω          Suggested load: 47KΩ
   Compliance: 12×10-6cm/dyne
   Channel separation: > 24dB
   Channel balance: < 1dB
   Suggested tracking weight: 1.8 to 2.1g
   Cantilever: Aluminum
   Diamond: Micro Elliptical
   Coil Wire: Copper
   Magnet: Samarium-Cobalt
   Mounting hole diamond distance: 9mm

  Solid block machined Duraluminium alloy

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