Eνα θαυμασιο kit  καθαρισμου και βελτιωσης επαφων λυχνιων και συνδεσεων AUDIO.

Cleans and protects the surfaces of the high sensible vacuum tube pins and socket contacts to achieve the utmost performance quality of your amplifer. The little set contains all cleaning and protecting solutions as well as spelcial tooling to perfectly clean tube pins and high sensible audio signal contacts.

Περιεχει :
DeoxIT® D5L-25C, cleaning solution; Needle Dispense,
DeoxIT® GOLD GXMD-2DB, contact enhancer suitable for high temperature operation; with Brush Applicator
B-SS116, stainless steel precision cleaning brush, d= 4,2mm, l=10,1cm overall length, loop end
Lint-free swabs, brushes, cloths
Display box, (20.3 x 12.7 x 3,8cm)

Τιμη Προσφορας :     55,00 e

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