GOLDNOTE  A-6 XL Monitor

A-6  XL
90dB - 6ohm - 3way ( 4 Μεγαφωνα ) Tower 105cm tall, 19cm large, 28,5cm deep
 1” dome Tweeter - 2x5” Mid-Woofer  &  6” symmetrical Subwoofer
 35Hz-20kHz  - 3 db  -  Bi-wiring Gold Note Rhodium binding posts
                        Tuning recessed aluminium Resonating side panels !!!
Three thick aluminium panels are placed recessed into the cabinet's sides and anchored with 20 threaded steel bars properly tuned to let the panels work as “Virtual Passive Drivers” enabling even greater bass extension.
The speaker lays on a double boomerang shaped massive steel stand hooked with three anchoring recessed screws and then on 4 large adjustable spikes to guarantee the best floor matching and vibrational control.
Τιμη Προσφορας:  4.390 e
info :   WWW.NEXUSACOUSTICS.COM   210-9830207

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